The Ermarie Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for educators and/or professionals to be part of the Ermarie Community. Ambassadors are the leaders and voice of our community.

Why become an Ermarie Ambassador?

Ermaire Ambassadors impact the future of education. Ambassadors create new learning opportunities for educators worldwide. Ermarie Ambassadors are also here to help educators manage their learning. Ambassadors gain leadership skills by working with the Ermarie team as new features are added and gather feedback from educators. Ambassadors are the voice of Ermaire by helping to raise awareness of the benefits of Ermarie around the world.

Benefits of Ambassador

  • * Connect with other like-minded ambassadors in our Ambassador Opportunities.
  • * Elevate yourself as a thought leader by sharing your content in Ermarie Networks.
  • * Exclusive speaking opportunities at our events.
  • * Publicity by the opportunity to be featured on Ermarie`s website, blogs, and/or social media.
  • * Provide input and share feedback on features of Ermarie.
  • * Ability to grow in leadership through professional development.
  • * Opportunities to meet the team of Ermarie
  • * Product training and Ambassador certificate.

Selection Criteria

We are currently taking submissions for the Ermarie Ambassador program. Ambassadors are leaders in professional development. They have a passion for teaching and learning. Ambassadors create, attend, and share professional development opportunities for their peers.
Once you complete the application form below, we will reach out to you.

Become an Ambassador

At this time, we are accepting applications for Ermarie Ambassadors. Selected Ambassadors must commit to participating in the Ambassador program for one full academic year (September-August). During this time, you will share Ermarie at professional development opportunities, use Ermarie for certificate organization, create Opportunities, and participate in conversations with the Ermarie team. Ambassador status is granted at the sole discretion of the Ermarie team.

Please fill out the below form, and we will contact you shortly.

What are some of your professional goals in the next year, 5 years, 10 years?
Anything new or exciting you'd like to tell us about?
Brief biography of yourself (300 words or less)